These interviews were conducted and published online for the Long & Strong Throwers Page prior to the establishment of LSTJ

MEARSUSA.JPG (24285 bytes) Brad Mears- Shot Put Pauli.jpg (34010 bytes) Kurt Pauli- Intro to  the Highland Games SP'er Brian Miller
cappos.gif (14535 bytes) Scott Cappos- University of Iowa Coach petranoff.gif (38448 bytes) Tom Petranoff- Former WR Holder,  TurboJav Inventor SP'er Andy Richardson and his coach Jerry England
Ken Sprague- Reniasance Training Guru! matson1.jpg (7921 bytes) Randy Matson- OLYMPIC Champion, former WR Holder, Hall-of-Famer Dave Wollman- Head Coach, SMU
BLOOMIND.JPG (151403 bytes) Andy Bloom- 1996 NCAA Shot/Disc Champ Joe Donahue-Long-time throws coach ttunks.jpg (63862 bytes) TERI (Steer) Tunks- 1996 NCAA ShotPut Champ
Kevin Fitzpatrick- Discus John Walker-Nationally Ranked HT'er, Throws coach, President Sector Sports JTunks.jpg (31902 bytes) Jason Tunks- 1997 NCAA Discus Champ, Canadian Olympian
s-smith.jpg (7993 bytes)

Smith Files:

Three interviews with Ohio State
 throws coach John Smith

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