2008 Long & Strong Throwers Club Membership Application!!!

Once again, we're looking for a few good men and women!  Click here for the 2008 Long & Strong Throwers Club membership application.

Dear Prospective Member,

The Long & Strong Throwers Club (LSTC) is very excited to announce some changes in membership benefits for 2008. 

1.  2008 LSTC tee-shirt
2.  One-year subscription to Long & Strong (or 1 year extension to existing subscriptions)
3.  20% discount on all major brands of throwing shoes plus other apparel
4.  10% discount on M-F Athletic purchases
5.  50% discounted NTCA 2007 National Throws Coaches Association (NTCA) membership ($25)

Your tee shirt will be on the way to you shortly and you will be added to the Long & Strong mailing list and receive issues as they are published.

 Thanks for your support of LSTC and all the best in 2008! 

Glenn Thompson
Minister of Propaganda
Long & Strong Throwers Club

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